"Among China’s next generation, a complex of values is emerging that many in the west would deem incompatible: sexually liberal, illiberal on race and religion, and politically nationalist or even authoritarian".

Says an ASEAN source after Pres. Trump skipped ASEAN Summit: “ASEAN as a whole was unhappy with US President Donald Trump who decided to skip the meeting. They were of the view that Trump should at least send a representative who is in the Cabinet”.

American business community in China lacks confidence in ‘phase one’ trade deal, AmCham chief says

Director of VUB Confucius Institute in Brussels, Prof. Song Xinning from Renmin University, has been barred from entering the Schengen zone for eight years on grounds of espionnage, after a decade in Belgium

According to latest survey by Genron NPO, the proportion of Chinese having a negative impression of Japan has dropped from 92.8% in 2013 to only 52.8% now, whereas 84.7% of Japanese still have an unfavorable view of China.

(1/x) Here's something that might go overlooked, but might have interesting long term implications - Chinese Party authorities just issued a new central opinion defining citizen morality.
Here's the text, followed by some brief thoughts.

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