China welcomes Donald Trump’s ‘goodwill’ act of postponing US tariff increase until after National Day

“Now China understands him (Pres. Trump) thoroughly and knows that inconsistency is his nature,” says Wang Yiwei, prof. at Renmin University

Amid trade war, Trump drops pretense of friendship with China’s Xi Jinping, calls him an "enemy"

“Trump’s erratic, chaotic approach to the economy is probably the most significant economic risk factor in the world right now,” says Gene Sperling, economic advisor during the Clinton and Obama administrations

Trump's trade war is turning the US into a planned economy with firms ordered to stop doing business with China and tens of thousands of firms applying to Commerce for licenses to import their needed inputs

BBC: #Trump says US firms 'hereby ordered' to quit #China. The White House did not immediately say what authority the president had to compel private firms to quit a country.

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